Butternut Squash Soup- Top Chef Trials 2012

PorKman's Table

Life is short, pass the bacon

PorKman's table started as just a fantasy for a cook turned Financial Advisor.  PorKman's Table is best known for its "Fight the Fright" dinner on Sunday evenings, an underground supper club designed to help its guests 'wine down the weekend' and forget about the upcoming work week.  Chef Ben creates playful menus that range from comfort foods (recreations of the H&F burger and Pittsburgh's almost famous Primanti's Bros. steak and cheese) to daring and unusual (Kangaroo shanks and Nutella dust).  To learn more about Fight the Fright dinners, please sign up for our invitation mailings here.

In the near future, PorKman's looks to expand into private events and pop-up kitchens.  To learn more about our progress follow us on our social networks, (coming soon), and join our invitations list.